Designer Profile – Samantha Pynn

I stumbled upon some old pics gathered from the net in my album and had to go and track down this talented decorator and learn more about her. Samantha Pynn is her name and her interiors are colourful, likable and livable. Love the way she plays with colours. Anyways, enough talking, enjoy these lovely pics by Virginia Macdonald and check out her webpage for more delights.

This post took a long time to narrow down to just these pics so see moreĀ here.
Photos by Virginia Macdonald

Side note: This buffet above is gorgeous. I bought an old english oak sideboard from an antique shop on sale last year at a very reasonable price with the intention of doing this to it, but the outcry from everyone that sees it I think i would be shot if i did. Plus I have really grown to love it how it is, aged with fabulous character. And I love when you open the doors or drawers it has this old smell, the smell of history. I always wonder where it has come from, all about it’s past life. It now has our life to add to it’s history. And as my friend Sam pointed out, it even has M’s on the doors so it was meant to be part of our family. I just have to keep my eye out for something else that has no real meaning that’s run down to transform rather than something that already has a life and a story for the hallway.

Lisa xox
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