Table Transformation

Since we have been having some gloriously sunny winter days here in Perth,
I have been making the most of it with a few projects.
The first of which is of a side table (notice it’s fantastic octagonal shape, love it).
Found at a second hand dealer in Mt Lawley.

(Tables on the left are a work in progress.)
First it was given a light sand and wipe over.

Then a couple coats of primer.
This is the primer on the left I used and then the top coats of aqua enamel afterwards for woodwork. Although I wasn’t completely happy with the British paints, but not having used aqua enamel before I can’t compare if you would normally need so many coats. Or maybe a stain blocker instead of the primer might have been a better idea.

Then quite a few coats of aqua enamel in semi-gloss. 
Better to do a few thinner coats than thick coats.

This acorn detail is my favourite part of the table, besides the octagonal shape.

And whalah!! What do you think? (Not the best picture, apologies)
I ‘m thinking of adding a bit of a luxe touch with some detail with maybe some ribbon around the edge to make it pop. Or maybe something like this new in to the Table Tonic store. It’s Washi Tape which is Japanese masking tape.

But with this range it’s going to be a bit hard to choose just one.
 Maybe I could get a couple and change them now and again.

Table Tonic pic

Do you have a DIY or up-cycled project you want to share, drop us a line.

Lisa xox
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