Jacinta Preston – Designer Profile

Who better after being inspired and motivated last Friday than Jacinta Preston to do a designer profile on.  Jacinta has an amazing talent for taking a leap, being bold and embracing colour. Mixing styles and era’s, new and old, rusty through to sparkly to reflect the owners personalities.

Her interiors are down-to-earth and stylish, just like her . Nothing pretentious or over the top, just real living (pardon the pun) beautiful spaces with fabulous finishes and accessories thrown in. Easily livable spaces!
I love how everything isn’t too matchy matchy with the furnishings but there is an underlying theme or colour scheme that links everything together.
And that is the art of a great Interior Designer!

 Is’nt this is the perfect shade of grey!

She said last week that to make this stunning chandelier the focal point
she chose to paint the ceiling dark like the walls. What an effect!!

Kids rooms with a real sense of fun & personality

And her own home is just as divine!

These are just a few pics, check out more at her webpage jacintapreston.com.au
Photos by Rob Reichenfeld

Her interiors have been featured in Australian House & Garden magazine and Real Living Magazine. She’s a regular in the latter with “Your Decorating Dilemmas Solved!” in each issue, which is always full of handy hints solving issues sent in by readers. Jacinta is always ready to give advice, teach others and spread the word on interior design leaving us inspired.
Thanks Jacinta.

Lisa xox
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