Real Living Comes to Perth!

I was so excited that The School of Real Living came to Perth and what a fabulously fantastic time we all had!  My brain was bursting at the end of it, so many ideas were already filling my head (and then added so many more) but because of the Colour Masterclass I think i’m starting to narrow them down and focus in. Talented interior designer Jacinta Preston was so wonderful and filled us with knowledge on how to use colour in our homes and gave us some very useful checklists.  And the lovely Lucy Sutherland from ISCD and Colourways showed us the up-coming colour and design trends.  Both helped and inspired us to make mood boards creating the perfect colour palette for our own homes.
My very quick, throw it on a board first attempt.
 I’m thinking a neutral backdrop that will change easily with feature cushions and accessories. Throw in a bit of Anna Spiro’s new wallpaper perhaps, a Kelly Wearstler pillow, and a glam feature light. First i’ll need to find a couple of comfy, stylish couches and some feature chairs I think and work from there.
The gorgeous and gracious Jacinta Preston (right)
with yours truly.
If I take only one thing away from the day it would be from Jacinta who said
“Be Brave!” 
So a total re-design of the board is now going on as we speak,
in fact it’s split into two boards for two different rooms.
Check back in soon for more progress.
Sneak Peak!
And look what was in my mailbox when I got home friday, 
what a coincidence!
August issue out now!!
It was a fantastic experience and all of us in WA hope you 
come back to Perth again soon Real Living!

Lisa xox

And an extra special mention to my beautiful friend D who came with me. 
Thanks D!
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  1. Hi, I was at the class as well and absolutely loved it :) Good to know Im not the only Real Living fan in Perth! Hope your mood board making is going well x

  2. Hi Michelle. So great to hear from you! It was fabulous wasn’t it. Did you go to the Thursday night session? Mood board is progressing slowly in bursts when blogging, motherhood and the flu aren’t interfering. How’s your moodboard going?

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