The Block – Auction Night

On this the eve of the grand finale auction night, the big question is,
Who will win?? Who do you want to win?
As a family with two young kids, I would probably choose Dale and Sophies purely for the whimsy, fun and character I would love my kids to grow up surrounded by. I love the “alice in wonderland” style backyard. They really capture the essence of what being a kid is all about.
The boys house I love for the sleekness and if I were a couple with no kids who loved to entertain, I would choose this would feel like being on a holiday all the time and many a party would be going on there.
Dan and Dani I personally wouldn’t buy as they have taken out the character of the home. It is probably more for trendy types where I am more of a classic person. Brad and Lara’s will appeal to many people with it’s neutralness that anybody could move straight into. I’m not sold on their backyard if you have a family but the inside extra space would probably balance that out.
Here are some extra photos for you that have been added to their profiles.

And here are a few pics of rooms I liked from the house the couples had to renovate together. The kids room by Dale and Sophie was absolutely amazing!! Goes to show wonderful things happen when you let your imagination run wild. I still can’t believe they had the guts to put the grass and things on the ceiling.

Sophie and Dale’s front garden

Dan & Dani’s Courtyard

So tune in to see the auction tonight at 6.30pm on channel nine.

P.S. Congrats to Brad and Lara for winning The Block 2012.