Ghost Chairs

I picked up my belated birthday and mother’s day present last weekend, a pair of replica Ghost chairs from Design Direct in Fremantle and I love them. They are intended for my future office but we are trying them out as dining chairs at the moment. They are surprisingly comfy, and are not only gorgeous but would be washable, although we didn’t anticipate the fingerprints (especially cute little fingers) and the dust showing up so we would be cleaning them a little too often possibly, not sure.  I don’t want to live in a house where things are for show and you aren’t allowed to use them and enjoy them or spend all your time cleaning them. A house is to be lived in and enjoyed, full of laughter and happiness and fun. Full of furnishings with a few dents and marks that create character and charm to the pieces and soul to your home.

So I’ll let you know what the verdict is and whether they are the solution to the dining table seating dilemma. What chairs do you have and are they both stylish and practical?

Lisa xox

Cushion in Alexander Henry fabric made by Fabric Traders
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