Real Estate Review – The Block Homes

With The Block drawing to a close with only the backyards and a tidy-up to finish, I thought we would have a quick look at what their properties look like as far as their real estate marketing goes… So I declare The Block “Open For Inspection”

Dale & Sophie
(above and below)

Andrew & Mike

Brad and Lara 

Dan & Dani

Who’s your favourite? Who do you think will win?
I’m loving Dan and Dani’s colour palette with their choices of grey and up-to-date furnishings, but i’m still not loving the entry way, I think they should have kept the arch like Brad and Lara’ grand entry. I don’t know if the arch would go with their modern look but I just love the character of the arch and restoring some of the property’s former soul. 

I love the lounge in the boys room, the Marcella couch’s from Matt Blatt are so cool. I sat in one today at Design Direct in Fremantle and I loved it although my tall husband may not. And the Andrew O’Brien print on the wall gives the room the wow factor. Almost a little fifties inspired perhaps. 
Sophie and Dale, they have such character in their home.  No matter what anyone thinks, they have stayed true to their style. It is original and has soul but I’m not sure if they have aimed at the right million dollar market but I hope they find that one bidder who falls in love with the place. But gotta hand it to them with their creativity and they just seem to be getting better every week.

Brad and Lara with the bigger house had a lot more to get done on the same budget. They have kept some of the traditional elements of the home and brought it up to date. With their neutral style and more room I think it will pay off for them on auction day.

extra (blury) photos by The Block on nine msn. The rest via
And check out the Real Living magazine for an insight into the couples and their rooms.

Lisa xox

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