Real Estate Review – Brighton

When I am “trawling” as I call it for real estate to review on the net i don’t read the blurb, I just go straight for the pictures. It’s amazing how many homes don’t put there best foot forward when it comes to having their home beautifully photographed and somewhat styled. If it gets extra attention being featured on-line or in magazines and papers, that is a huge drawcard in these economic times, you need to spend money to make money and have your home look it’s best. When trawling yesterday I came across this home and from the first pic it seemed to look familiar. It turns out that this property has a garden designed by no other than australian garden designer Paul Bangay (I looked to him for  inspiration for my front garden) and the interior is by Thomas Hamel. The outdoor pavilion above looks like it has come straight from a magazine shoot. 

Fancy spending you summers here? 
Find this property at 24 St Ninians Road in Brighton Victoria on
And check out this link directly to the garden in Paul Bangay‘s portfolio. After going back to these other Toorak properties (and reading the blurbs) for sale here and here I have found Paul Bangay’s stamp on a few other stunning properties.
Quick Tip: When preparing your home for market or even re-decorating your home, take some time to take a few pictures so you can look at your home through a different perspective. This can help you see what stands out, what you might need to fix or change and what is going to appeal to potential buyers by giving you a fresh set of eyes on your interior. Or hire a Decorator, they are pretty cool too ;)
Happy Weekend People!
Lisa xox
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