Designer Profile – Poco Designs

Last week I shared with you an interior that was nominated for the Belle and Coco Republic Interior Design Awards (see the post here).
It’s by design house Poco Designs and today’s designer profile is on them.
A NSW mother and daughter company of Charlotte O’Neil and Poppy O’Neil that do diverse work.
A vibrant duo combining experience and youth with fresh ideas that are current yet classic.
Amongst their lovely interiors check out some of the gorgeous mirrors they’ve used.
Also keep an eye out for more octagons (you know I love them)
Here’s just a small sample of their work.

The Rocks, Penthouse

Potts Point

Joh Bailey Hair Salon

Gloucester Street

River Street

Edgecliff Road

Photos via Poco Designs . Check Poco Designs out for yourself.
What are your thoughts on this dynamic duo??

Lisa xox
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