Designer Profile – Darren Palmer

Darren Palmer received Australia wide exposure after he competed in channel nine’s homeMade back in 2009. He has taken the experience and ran with it. He creates earthy rich and quite masculine (yet still with a soft side) interiors with just a touch of glitz . I love the way he layers earthy tones and brings in natural elements to his interiors to help create comfortable soothing spaces with class that are filled with character and soul, which entice you to put your feet up and get comfy. A fine example of “Casual Luxe”.
Also seen as a guest on The Block and in my favourite Belle magazine. 
In the 2012 Feb/March Issue of Belle he was featured with the interior below.

 What bachelor wouldn’t love this Bachelor Pad below. 
I’m thinking modern earthy hunting lodge. Aspen anyone?
Am loving the horse imagery and sculptures throughout.
And his work on the block below 

 I still remember his work on this girls room and what a great idea with the frames 
Check out Darren Palmer via his webpage
where all photos above are from.

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  1. I like most of the rooms but do find the skeleton skull/horns offputting – they certainly wouldn’t be seen anywhere near my place!

  2. I can see your point, I am not sure about having them in a bedroom. Might be the cause of a few nightmares. Although they would come in useful to hang your jewelry off. Thanks for your comment ten54!

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