The Block

My brain is like a sponge and I crave anything interiors, 
even watching silly shows with only a remote decor presence at times
just cause I feel the need, the need for a decorating fix…
Hi my name is Lisa and I am a Design Addict!
So when I hear a new or returning show that’s related to decorating or design is coming to our screens I get a little excited. 
But i’m not quite getting into the new series of Channel 9′s The Block,
 how about you?
I have nothing against the contestants, in fact I take my hat off to them 
for putting themselves out there on tv. It’s the fact that Rome wasn’t built in a day and yet they are expected to have a room done before you can blink an eye. And being dragged away to do additional projects and contests is a bit silly creating huge dramas and issues. I know that’s probably the point to add drama, but I don’t want to watch other peoples hassles at the end of my day. I want something inspiring and uplifting.
One wonders what short cuts have been taken then to get the job done by the specified time..
A million dollar plus property would have spent more time getting that “attention to detail” right so I feel the producers are just setting them up for possible failure come auction day. (A repeat of last year perhaps?)
 I think they might of forgotten that these properties will one day be for sale 
and buyers will have been able to see every little detail that went on.
Anyway, I will continue to tape it (and fast forward through it) and hope to see something different and inspiring in the future. Channel 9′s The Block is on weeknights at 7pm and 6.30pm Sunday night.
 I have to confess I loved Channel 10′s The Renovator’s last year and felt I learnt a lot through their “how to” sessions. I don’t know why it didn’t rate higher.
And Channel 9′s Top Design, well that wasn’t bad with a few new and different ideas, but since I had already seen Top Design from the US and Australia’s version was just a copy of that, it lacked some original content. Don’t get me started on the shows opening theme song… Raise Your Glass by Pink. I’m slightly offended at the notion of being referred to as a “dirty little freak” since I am a designer and I don’t think any of those contestants would have thought it great either, nor any other person would. Maybe I have misinterpreted the song?
 I will reserve my judgement of Channel 10′s “The Living Room” for a few more episodes. I’m interested to see inside celebs homes so look forward to that. 
Home Made, now that was a good show and many designers went on to bigger and better things, some have done really well for themselves, in fact that gives me a great idea for next weeks designer profile.
I’d love to hear what you guys think. Am I being a bit harsh or do you guys think the same? 
Drop us a comment.
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