My First Auction

So last weekend I went to my first Auction.  I must say I found it very interesting and loved the atmosphere.  I went to a AD Donelly’s auction on Walcott street in Mt Hawthorn with a great friend who gratefully came along with me. (cheers L)  Although we didn’t find a floral tea set for her this time,
I have high hopes for future ones. 
This particular auction was collected from five months of deceased estates so there was a huge variety of objects.  From jewelry to furniture, paintings to rugs, to military to books so many different things.  With over 1000 lots if you were there all day it would have been a very long day.  The employees there were very helpful and explained the procedures, what to do etc.  The day before the auction I went and viewed the items and crossed referenced them with the catalogue, taking a photo of the things I liked and the price I was willing to pay.
I also registered and got a big yellow number to bid with.
On the day I managed to win two items, whoohoo.  Although a tip…if you are thinking of going for a coffee, make sure you have enough time to get back for the next item you want to bid on.  The lamp was just not meant to be ;)  They do offer phone bidding and absentee bidding so if there was something you had to have but couldn’t be there you may not miss out.
 The auction house adds a premium to the sale so don’t forget to calculate this when working out your budget..and stick to it.  There was quite a mixture of people: young, old, dealers and collectors so it had a great vibe about it.  Wasn’t stuffy or off-putting.  Above all I had a alot of fun. It was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next one. 
This quaint chair with a hand-painted ship
 was only estimated at $40. 
Perfect for a boys room.
The colour of this green teaset was divine. It went for $300.
There was something about this hand painted wall plaque
 with 4 candelabras and that caught my eye. Maybe it was the colours. 
It was estimated to go for around the $350 mark.
With this victorian Thomas Bradbury & sons piece,
 I was instantly in love but alas it wasn’t meant to be.
I had a shared appreciation as it went for $2050. 
Another went for $600 recently at another auction
 but it didn’t have the rare emu’s around the base.  
Pair of Royal Doulton Staffordshire Dogs
They made it home with me.
So did this very large and colourful 
 Japanese charger.
And the one that got away. 
My mind had many a creative idea with this one.
Some beautiful wardrobes and cabinets were going for half the estimated value
 and less than one from ikea, so you could really bag yourself a bargin.
I encourage you all to think about going to an auction 
and add a bit of history and personality to your space. 

Alan Donelly’s auctions

Lisa xox
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