Luxe Living in Belle Magazine

 The following post is inspired by the “Luxe Living” edition,
showcasing the designers bellow, of the Belle magazine June/July 2012 issue.
All photos bellow are taken directly from the designers webpages
although some photos or similar are also seen in the magazine.
Check the designers out by following the links
or by picking up a copy of Belle .

David Hicks, a fabulous Australian designer, works internationally
as well as right here at home for many a high profile client.
 It comes as no surprise that he features in the “Luxe Living” issue.
In fact he graces many a Belle Magazine with his, in his own words ( I agree)
“modern luxury style”.

 Port Melbourne Apartment by David Hicks

Loving the Venini Snowflake light above 
and the touches of pink below including pink Missoni cushions
Find his work at

Another is Jean-Louis Deniot’s design for a chicago apartment. 
Quite luxurious I must say. 
 I hadn’t heard of him before this issue
 but I will be keeping an eye on his designs!
 Thanks for the introduction Belle.
Love the exquisite details and his colour palette. 
He says he aims for his interiors to be “eclectic chic as well as serene”. 
 Some photos below are featured in the Belle magazine spread
 but all taken from

Pure Elegance

 Find more about Jean-Louis Deniot at
Others featured… You love his shoes, Christian Louboutin!
 His home is very eclectic and with very unique pieces. 
Also Iain Halliday from BKH has a Chanel inspired makeover 
which is very Luxe. Checkout Belle Magazine for more.
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