With Thanks

I would like to dedicate Luxe Addition to my Nan who always took the time to listen and encourage, love and laugh. She saw beauty in everything and was a truly amazing person. There was always this twinkle in her eye and I believe she is sending me little hints now and again to show me how I too might possess that little twinkle.

The biggest “twinkles” in my life are my gorgeous, supportive husband (without whom none of this would be possible, thanks so much Mr M) and my two amazing kids whom I enjoy immensely.  It’s amazing how a little person’s smile or laugh can melt your heart and light up your life. While they are young I want to be with them but also pursue my passions that fulfill my creative side so I can bring that energy and excitement to our little family and our bigger family and friends. I have come to realise that the saying “Do What You Love and Love What You Do” is certainly true. That’s how this blog was started, as a creative outlet to document my ideas, thoughts and aspirations and bring light to others as well.  

No matter what you do I think the secret to life is doing what makes you happy and you will make a huge difference in this world. And I will encourage my kids to do the same. After all, the world could use a Rockstar/Actor/Doctor/Artist/Scientist son of mine and I will help and encourage all of his (and his sisters future) passions anyway I can. Modelling my own belief is a big start.  

So I hope you can join me on my journey as I aim to shoot for the stars.

Lisa xox

P.S. I mustn’t forget my brother who’s help with the site and encouragement have been invaluable. Thanks P. xxx